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About us


The DSI Logistics LLC Total Solution is a comprehensive, customized plan to improve, control, and manage customer deliveries for retail clients.

Features DSI Logistics LLC will provide:

  • An analysis tool to assist companies in defining current costs
  • Pay-for-performance delivery teams whose compensation is
    based on successfully completing the delivery, satisfying the
    customer, and achieving customer's targeted service goals
  • Performance surveys
  • Activity reports
     -  Measuring delivery team performance, both quantitative & qualitative
     -  Summarizing critical delivery performance statistics
     - Providing detailed cost analysis
  • Effective staffing
     - Account personnel and contract drivers receive ongoing
       comprehensive training and consumer evaluations to improve
       delivery systems and increase customer satisfaction and safety
     - Low employee and contractor turnover ensures consistent
  • Industry experience
     - Proven ability to favorably represent our clients’ brand and
        image to their customers;
  • Commitment to Total Satisfaction for our clients and their customers
     - Access to DSI senior management at all times
     - Flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to solve problems quickly.
  • Professional Affiliations 
     - Member – Western Home Furnishings Association
     - Member - National Safety Council
     - Member - North American Home Furnishings Association

Benefits Clients will receive:

  • Reduced labor considerations
     - Human Resources: Hiring/Training – employee turnover
     - Costs: Employee benefits and overtime
  • Fewer management and administrative issues
     - Drug testing, MVR checks and criminal background checks
     - Delivery routing and customer notification
     - Equipment: Truck procurement, maintenance/inspections, uniforms,
       truck rental
     - Workers Compensation insurance
     - Other insurance factors: Truck, cargo, and general liability premiums, unreimbursed losses;
  • Reduced exposure through Risk Management
     - Product and in-home damage: reduce frequency and eliminate costs
     - Liability: accident repair, employee misconduct, driver negligence
  • Superior Customer Service