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About us


Working in the courier/messenger and home delivery businesses for over 20 years, Dave Thompson saw a need that wasn't being addressed. He envisioned a company that would offer all the delivery service capabilities of large providers but with a customized, flexible, and accessible approach for clients, employees, and contract drivers.

Dave believed he could offer true cost savings and increased satisfaction by being a partner with his clients, not simply a vendor. Great service could be achieved with flexible value-added logistics, service guarantees, and "hands-on" senior management.

Developing a culture to promote growth for employees and contract drivers was integral to his business strategy. Dave envisioned an environment to develop, recognize, and
promote those who made a commitment to excellence. He wanted both
employees and contract drivers to share his "Whatever It Takes" attitude
and commitment to deliver total client satisfaction.

In 1997 Dave Thompson founded DSI Logistics Inc. operating

a single truck for their first client, Sit 'N Sleep. Soon, another team

was added, marking the beginning of significant growth for both

companies. Today, DSI Logistics Inc. manages a 7-day a week operation

supporting all Sit ’N Sleep stores and their telemarketing operation.