595 Tamarack Ave, Suite D, Brea, CA


  • 2014 - Established new business relationships with top 10 appliance and furniture retailers, New 
               relationships extended DSI's coverage to the east coast.

  • 2013 - New client expansion in Texas, Utah, and Colorado

  • 2012 - Successfully renewed all existing client contract, ew business expansion in Arizona market

  • 2011 - Significant organic growth as economy rebounded from 2008 recession. ​

  • 2009 - Ashley Furniture Home Stores selects DSI for Southern California Distribution Center

  • 2008 - DSI extends contracts with EasyLife and Sit ‘N Sleep, Howard’s outsources with DSI

  • 2007 - Living Spaces added, Annual sales exceeds $20 million, DSI celebrates 10 year anniversary

  • 2006 - EasyLife Furniture and Sleep America join the growing list of DSI client partners, Total Deliveries
                 grow to over 450,000 Established "Whatever It Takes" (WIT) employee training program

  • 2003 - Total Deliveries grow to over 360,000, 1 million deliveries since 1997, Sales Revue $15,000,000

  • 1998 - Deaden's added,  Total Deliveries to 92,000, Sales revenue hits 3,770,000

  • 1997 - DSI Logistics Inc. is founded by Dave Thompson, President/CEO First delivery route completed                      at Sit 'N Sleep account Total Deliveries = 3,938

Accounting for Success.  DSI Logistics Inc. believes that a logistics

company that strives for true service excellence must be much more

than a vendor to its client. It must be a full partner. DSI's history of

growth and success is evidence that our strategic partner relationships


At DSI Logistics Inc. we work closely with our client partners to ensure

continued satisfaction while providing customized DSI Logistics Inc.. We

offer flexibility, accountability, and the hands-on commitment of our

experienced senior management who demonstrate particular strength

in the areas of communication, teamwork, and client/customer

follow-up. We strive for client relationships based on confidence and trust.

Major contributors to the company's growth and success are the employees and contract drivers who interact with clients and their customers on a daily basis. Account personnel and contract drivers demonstrate a consistent focus on customer satisfaction and safety. Pay-for-performance delivery teams are compensated based on successfully completing deliveries, satisfying customers, and achieving customer's targeted service goals.

DSI Logistics Inc. continues to embrace a "Whatever It Takes" attitude and commitment to deliver total satisfaction for our retailers and their customers. AT DSI, our client’s success is shared success.

Key Initiatives for the Future.   DSI Logistics Inc. wants to maintain our

proven track record of customer satisfaction, resulting in company

growth and sales profitability. To support and encourage future

success, DSI Logistics Inc is committed to:

  • Utilizing GPS enabled routing software to encourage effective
    communication between the company and its valued customers
  • Employee development such as the Internal Supervisor
    Group and the Manager Development Group. DSI will
    continue manager meetings that focus on DSI policies,
    procedures, and business practices.
  • Training programs such as "Through the Customer's Eyes," an interactive video customer service certification program for all managers and staff at DSI
  • Recognizing and rewarding associates with achievement awards that include the President’s Award, Spirit Award, Location of the Year, Employee of the Year, F.L.I.P.P.E.R. Award, Rookie of the Year, and Most Improved Operation
  • 5 year service awards
  • Birthday Bucks
  • Appreciation of Customers

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