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Overview.  Our people, the employees and contract drivers who work for

DSI Logistics Inc, are our "driving force" when it comes to delivering quality

service to our client partners and their customers. The growth and success

of DSI Logistics Inc. is due to their consistent, quality performance, as well
as the support of DSI Logistics Inc. management and our valued clients.

Working for DSI Logistics Inc., employees and contract drivers can grow,
learn, and prosper. DSI Logistics Inc. provides the best technology in the business and
access to training programs and opportunities for promotion. We also offer pay-for-performance compensation and a company-wide recognition program.

DSI Logistics Inc. provides the excitement of a growing company and a highly professional working environment. Our people respond…and deliver.

  • "DSI Logistics Inc. helped me get started in my business. They worked with me on the loan application to purchase my first truck and assisted me in obtaining insurance," - Jaime Chavez, JEC Trucking

  • "DSI Logistics Inc. is always there to help out whether it's assisting with fuel expenses, or the cost of a rental when I need an extra truck." - Victor Aguirre, VA Trucking
  • "DSI Logistics Inc. has helped me grow and develop skills I didn’t even know I had. I can only say that working with great people is the best part of my day.” - Karen Bustamante – Account Executive at Living Spaces Furniture

Employee Development – Internal Training.  Some of the ongoing training programs that allow employees to develop and refine their skills to prepare for advancement include:

  • The Executive Development Group
  • The Management Development Group
  • The Supervisor Development Group

Performance Recognition Programs.   DSI Logistics Inc. has developed

performance recognition programs to recognize employees and contract

drivers who excel. Employees are eligible for Achievement and Service

Awards. Contract drivers are also eligible for Service Awards in addition

to awards and incentives at individual client accounts. Achievement Awards

In 2002, DSI Logistics Inc. introduced a yearly Achievement Awards program

for employees. DSI's Executive Committee defined the following award

criteria to recognize excellence and achievement:

  • President's Award This award recognizes the best overall
    performance by a DSI Logistics Inc. manager. This team member has developed                                                 excellent relationships with staff, contract drivers, and client                                                     representatives alike. He or she has also provided both clients and customers with superior service and has produced outstanding financial performance.

  • Spirit Award This award recognizes the DSI Logistics Inc. employee who best exemplifies enthusiasm and teamwork. This team member always brings a positive attitude and approach to the workplace.

  • Location of the Year Award This award recognizes the DSI Logistics Inc. account and staff whose operation is superior in client service and company profitability.

  • Employee of the Year Award This award recognizes the DSI Logistics Inc. employee who consistently goes the extra mile in performing his or her duties. This team member's contributions have been integral to the success of their account.

  • F.L.I.P.P.E.R. Award This award recognizes the DSI Logistics Inc. manager whose performance demonstrates the highest level of commitment to our core values: Follow-up, Leadership, Integrity, Proactive, Promote, Excellence, and Relationships.

  • Rookie of the Year Award Introduced in 2004, this award is given to recognize the employee whose first year contributions provided the most significant and beneficial impact on the company.

  • Most Improved Operation Introduced in 2003, this award recognizes the staff "team" whose location has shown the greatest improvement in service and financial performance.

  • Service Award This award recognizes employees and contract drivers for completing five years with DSI.

our people

associates and senior management